Utilize free energy
The Lunecase uses innovative eco-friendly technology that utilizes the smartphone’s electromagnetic energy and uses it to power the case’s electronics. The smartcase does not need any batteries or other bulky components and works everywhere and anytime, detecting activity emitted by your smartphone. Pre-order now
Just snap it on!
Lune technology does not need any connection to the smartphone device. The intelligent Lunecase knows when your smartphone emits electromagnetic waves and will convert them into the energy the case needs automatically. You just put the Lunecase on your smartphone, and it will do the rest. Pre-order now
Intelligent iPhone cover
The case knows and identifies when you receive a message or a phone call before it is even displayed on the iPhone's screen. The notifications are shown on the back of your smartphone with the use of free energy that is emitted by the device. This way, the Lunecase is elegant, smart and self-powered next generation accessory. Pre-order now
Featured during
CES 2014
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